iPhone 15 Pro Max chest mount with SSD case

box from japan, iPhone 15 mount SSD case

Effortless iPhone 15 Pro Mac Mounting for Ultimate Accessibility

Introducing our innovative iPhone 15 Pro Mac mount, designed for seamless convenience and accessibility. This sleek and secure mount ensures that your iPhone is always within arm's reach, allowing you to effortlessly attend calls or glance at the screen whenever needed.

What sets our mount apart is its user-friendly design, making it just as easy to remove your iPhone as it is to securely place it back in position. This feature is particularly handy for those moments when you want to transition from a hands-free call to recording high-resolution Pro Res Log videos.

Capture every detail in high resolution, and with the added benefit of real-time storage to the accompanying SSD, your videos are instantly preserved for future use.

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box from japan, iPhone 15 mount SSD case

Portability and Comfort

Craft an ergonomic design that enables chest-carrying for enhanced comfort and discretion.
Ensure the case is non-intrusive and conforms well to the body.

box from japan, iPhone 15 mount SSD case

POV Angle

The POV angle is crucial in determining the image quality captured by your iPhone. This angle varies based on the activity – walking, snowboarding, biking, or riding a motorcycle. To address this, I've designed a versatile system enabling effortless angle adjustments tailored to each activity.

Integrate a mounting system that ensures the best possible viewing angle for your iPhone.

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box from japan, iPhone 15 SSD case

Compatibility with Various SSDs

Modular design capable of accommodating a variety of SSD sizes and shapes. In the image with Samsung T7 Shield - 2T (around 350 hours of video record in Pro Res Log)

Secure Closure

Implement a secure closure system to maintain the protection of the iPhone and SSD.

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